Tummy Buddies for Warriors is for our medically needy gastroschisis survivors ages 2 to 18 years old.

The Global Gastroschisis Foundation helps bring some very special joy to children who have been confronting serious medical interventions over their life time. Most of the children nominated spend 70% of their time in a hospital or receiving active long term medical care arising from their original gastroschisis diagnosis. The Tummy Buddies for Warriors is an annual event to support our long term patients ages 2 to 18 years old who are enduring long term effects of gastroschisis from STEP, Omegaven, transplant, short gut and other complicating issues. The nominees have endured hospitalizations over the past year and continue to fight the effects of gastroschisis. Each year we team up with Healing Helpers to gift deserving long term patients with a special Helper of their own!

Healing Helpers is a family owned business who lovingly produces hand-made and personalized stuffed animals based on your medical or emotional condition. They have named their tiger “Avery the Brave” in honor of Avery John Rauen and are donating $5 per purchase to The Global Gastroschisis Foundation. Every “Helper” is fully customized per condition, treatments and surgeries, and there are other “Helpers” to choose from, too!