United Kingdom

Rebekah Dean

Hub Leader

[email protected]

My name is Rebekah Dean and I live in Gloucester, England. I am a very proud mum of a handsome two year old little boy. Our gastroschisis journey began early in 2014 when my son was diagnosed with gastroschisis at my 12 week scan. I went into labour naturally at 37 weeks and delivered my son at St Michaels Hospital in Bristol. He stayed in the NICU for just over 4 weeks and he had 3 operations whilst there. We were super excited to get our little boy home. At 9 months old my son needed another operation which was related to his gastroschisis condition which went successfully. He was then discharged from hospital care at just over a year old. He is now a happy, very energetic two year old little boy and will be starting pre-school this September. I am extremely enthusiastic about helping other families on their gastroschisis journeys and to raise awareness about this condition in the UK.