2016 Yearbook

Join us in supporting and celebrating Gastroschisis survivors and angels in our very own yearbook.

Please complete this form if you or your child is a Gastroschisis SURVIVOR or ANGEL. We will print the name as it appears on this form, birth date, and one (1) picture per name. Entries for children, survivors, and angels will be categorized by birth year. If you participated last year, please do so again with a current photo. Angel families must re-submit an entry, but can request last year’s photo be used. We will be announcing when the 2016 Yearbook is available for purchase! Don’t forget to consider purchasing a yearbook ad for your child, self or business! **ENTRY DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR PURCHASE!** Purchasing the yearbook will be done once the book is completed and will be available for sale on our website. ONE ENTRY PER CHILD/SURVIVOR/ANGEL! Multiple entries will be disqualified from yearbook. PICTURES MAY NOT BE COLLAGE WORK OR CONTAIN GRAPHICS OR WORDS. (Please see file upload for specifics).

Entries must be submitted no later than May 5, 2016

Fill out my online form.