Nikki Billings

North Carolina

HUB Leader

[email protected]

My name is Nikki Billings and I am 22 years old. I’m married to the sweetest man of my dreams; his name is Dylan. I am currently attending Strayer University Online working towards my bachelors in Business Administration. I have hopes of one day opening my own business and intertwining that business with the foundation. Dream big, right? I have been employed with Lowe’s corporate office in Wilkesboro for over two years now and love what I do.

Our first born, Lucas Ray, was affected by Gastroschisis in 2015. He lived to up 33 weeks gestation before a kink in the bowel restricted blood flow, which unfortunately led to his heart stopping. My sweet angel is now the center of everything I do and the reason why I strive to be the best I can be and put all of my heart into the Averys Angels Gastroschisis Foundation.