Nicole Santiago

Co-HUB Leader

Nicole Santiago[email protected]

I am Nicole Santiago. My second child was born on September 11th 2013 with gastroschisis in Hawaii. His name is Cory. Being in the military me and my family were completely alone, as soon as I found out Cory was going to be born with gastroschisis I contacted AAFG for help and support. I have a daughter named Leila. Cory has had 18 surgeries so far, also had the STEP procedure to lengthen his intestines. He now has short bowel syndrome and intestinal failure. He spent 135 days in the hospital, came home on TPN and gtube feeds. We had to leave Hawaii in order to get the correct long term for Cory. We are located in Colorado Springs, and I want to help any and all familes with their gastroschisis journey. You are not alone! AAFG is here to help you!!