AAGF attends NBDPN conferences to promote partnership with national research organizations.

The National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) is a volunteer-based organization that addresses the issues of birth defects surveillance, research and prevention under one umbrella by maintaining a national network of state and population-based birth defects programs. Members include public health officials, epidemiologists, academics, parents, and others committed to understanding factors that may lead to birth defects, identifying strategies for reducing birth defects, and working to prevent potential secondary disabilities.

Since 2011, Avery’s Angels Medical Liaison, Kayte Thomas, and Founder, Meghan Hall, have attend NBDPN conferences to promote partnership with national research organizations for gastroschisis. When research is released, it is not often disseminated to the public rapidly, which is why we exist at Avery’s Angels. Our goal is to support families and create a bridge between researchers, medical professionals, and patients. Through conference presence, Kayte’s advocacy and connections fostered, AAGF is able to share and disseminate information to all the affected parties in the gastroschisis world.