Michelle Whanger

Avery Award of Excellence in Nursing

CAMC Women & Children’s Hospital

Charleston, West Virginia

Nominated by Lacey Harvey

Michelle WhangerMy son was born on February 13,2014 at 37 weeks by c-section. My husband and I knew since I was 14 weeks pregnant that our little bundle of joy was going to be a gastro baby. Even though you can’t plan for news like that, we stayed strong and positive the whole time. That’s why I believe Michelle Whanger should be nominated because without her I feel my son would still be there. She would always call me unlike the others and answer everything I ever needed she was the one who talked the doctor into letting him try feedings. She would always wait until I got there before she would do anything new, when she was working I knew my baby was took care of, and I never had to worry about that. She will always have a special place in my heart. CAMC Women & Children’s became my home away from home, and she made me feel so welcomed and always kept me updated even when I had to be home with my other kids. She wrote me a letter the day Ryder came home and keeps in touch with me through facebook and always asks about “her boy.” She got attached to my son and makes me happy to know he touched somebody else’s heart as much as mine and it would make my day if she got picked. In my eyes, she is the best NICU nurse there is and I’m so thankful God gave Ryder her as his primary nurse. Our little Ryder is now 7lbs 5.5oz and has been doing great since he has been home!