Melanie Maruish

Avery Award of Excellence in Nursing

CAMC Women & Children’s Hospital

Charleston, West Virginia

Nominated by Amanda Beane

Melanie MaruishOn July 18th 2011 we had a son born with gastroschisis, his name was Josiah. We had many fantastic nicu nurses, but one definitely stood out among the rest. Melanie Mariush made such a huge difference during his nicu stay. She would go above and beyond for him time and time again. She worked nights and was always spoiling our little guy, it was so comforting to leave the hospital at night knowing he was taken care of. Melanie also helped us communicate with the doctors and made sure all of our concerns were addressed. Her outstanding care didn’t stop at nicu discharge, every future hospitalization she came by to check on Josiah, and she even attended his funeral. I am forever thankful for all that she’s done for our family!