Megan Dieno


Hub Leader

[email protected]

My name is Megan, I’m from Regina, Saskatchewan and I am so excited to be a Hub leader for Avery’s Angels. My son was born Dec 30, 2016, I can’t tell you enough how ill prepared everyone including the hospital was for how bad our sons condition would be at birth. At 2 days old he had a 100% resection of his bowel, this left him ultra-short gut and in liver failure. With the help of Avery’s we flew him to Toronto, Ontario where he was followed by Dr Paul Wales and his GIFT (The Group for Improvement of Intestinal Function and Treatment) team. This is where we lived for the next 2 years awaiting transplant (stomach, liver, pancreas, bowel) and dealing with the everyday battles of having a TPN dependent child in liver failure. On Feb 20, 2019 our son lost his fight, we are so very proud of our son and I know first hand what sacrifices need to be made to give our children the best chance at life. I’m here to help make your story a successful one!