Lea Krutel

Avery’s Angels Team

Director of Web Development


SONY DSCLea came to join Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation after the unfortunate loss of her first child, Amara Belle, in 2009 due to complications arising from the birth defect when she was just three months old. During these difficult times, Lea’s father-in-law was searching the internet for emotional support and further information on gastroschisis, and came to find Meghan Hall through her blog. He introduced the two via email and they came to find that they had experienced very similar paths in regards to the birth and loss of their children within a very short time of each other. In 2010, Lea joined AAGF as a Volunteer Supporter, providing emotional support to expecting parents. Later, in 2014, Lea and her husband, Bryan Richter, took on the task of rebuilding the current website for AAGF to create the largest gastroschisis compilation available on the internet. This is one small way in which she can continue to contribute to the gastroschisis community, at the same time raising her “rainbow” baby, Beau.