Kelley Harrison

Avery Award of Excellence in Nursing

Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Jacksonville, Florida

Nominated by Amber Mallard

KelleyNurse Kelley Harrison is not only amazing at what she does, but she has a special connection to Gastroschisis babies in general. She has a heart of gold and was the “NICU Mom” for Aleyece for over a month. She went above and beyond her duties in making sure Aleyece was happy and healthy and in the process made sure we were ok as well. She always listened to us about our concerns and made sure we were able to be involved with everything we possibly could be. She was always very honest about everything and let us know that having a baby with Gastroschisis is a rollercoaster and to be prepared for anything that comes our way. I’m so happy she did! You would think that a Nurses job is over once the baby leaves the NICU for home, With Kelley it still goes on today. She showed us what compassion someone could have for such amazing babies and loving them like it was her own. The night we went home and I had to give Aleyece her first Lovenoxx injection all alone Kelley had texted me and said she sure did miss her little Aleyece and felt lost without her to watch over but was so happy and pleased she was finally home with her family and said “I hope you were ok and Aleyece’s shot went ok tonight” That showed me that not only did Kelley become a nurse for Aleyece but a lifelong friend for us. Kelley has shown us what a passion a nurse can have for the job they do every single day. Nursing isn’t a “job” for her it’s doing what she loves. I’m amazed daily at the love she has for Aleyece and my family and how much she takes part in our lives everyday. We make sure to visit Kelley every single time we are close by and she does the same with us. She is always the first person I know I can call if I feel like something isn’t right and she always reassures me and helps me through anything. She is honestly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life and I’m blessed more and more everyday but having her so close by us. She’s one of a kind. She’s always so giving and helpful in all situations. Kelley even made sure that she had the cutest dress in the world for her photo shoot with Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital which Kelley actually had nominated Aleyece out of thousands of children to be honored at an even and was chosen! Nurses jobs usually stop when a child leave the NICU. Kelley chose for her job not to stop because she loved Aleyece and wanted to be by her side every step of the way. God really does have Angels on Earth that do his work for him and I believe strongly that she is one of those Special Angels.