North Dakota

Hilary Balzum

Hub Leader

[email protected]

My name is Hilary Balzum and I reside in Bismarck, North Dakota with my wonderful husband (Brad), three children (Keagan, Aria and Elsa) and our fur baby (Princess Sofia Cookie Baby).  Our gastroschisis journey started on April 2, 2013, when we were informed at our 20 week check-up that our third baby, Elsa, would likely be born with a gastroschisis diagnosis and were referred to a doctor in Fargo, nearly 200 miles away, who confirmed this diagnosis.  On July 5, 2013, after a failed NST and ultrasound, my doctor admitted me to the hospital, ultimately having me life flighted to Fargo in case I was going into labor because there was not a doctor locally who could perform her repair.  On the morning of July 7th we were supposed to leave the hospital, but were going to stay local just in case.  Elsa had other plans.  By 7:30 that morning my water had broke and less than 4 hours latershe was here!  At just over 35 weeks, weighing 5 lbs 1 ounce, with her small and large intestines and stomach outside of her abdomen, she went straight to surgery for the placement of a silo.  At just 4 days old she had her closure surgery and on day 17 we brought her home! She has thrived more than any of us thought she would and my hope as a supporter is that any parent dealing with a gastroschisis diagnosis knows there is a wealth of information and support through AAGF. ~God bless.