Thanks to hundreds of world wide families, AAGF was able to provide funding for gastroschisis research.

This is a huge day for us! ANYONE who has been part of this effort has made this possible!

To whom it may concern-

On behalf of Avery’s Angels(R) Gastroschisis Foundation, families, supporters and patients I am very proud to present Dr. Marcia Feldkamp this check for $5,000 to help fund her research on gastroschisis. Our foundation is 100% volunteer and donation driven, and these funds have been preciously collected since February by hundreds of world-wide families, fans and supporters of Avery’s Angels(R) Gastroschisis Foundation. The intention of this research fund is to help propel and support the epidemiological research on gastroschisis. Our long term goal is that one day we will know the cause of this disease and work to eradicate the risks that factor into the cause of gastroschisis.

Dr. Marcia Feldkamp has been a faithful champion for this defect for a larger portion of her career, and supporter of our cause for the past 6 years. We could think of no one better to gift these funds with and are honored to have a small part in her body of work.

It would be appreciated that the foundation receive receipt and/or a general report on how the money has been allocated.

The best of luck in your continued efforts, Dr. Feldkamp. Thank you for being such a dedicated advocate for this defect over the years. There is a global community of gastroschisis survivors and families standing behind you.


Meghan S. Hall – MA Bioethics
CEO/Founder of Avery’s Angels(R) Gastroschisis Foundation