Emily LaVergne


HUB Leader

[email protected]

I am Emily LaVergne, a high school English teacher and mother of three, and my Gastro Warrior is my first-born son, Lane Avery. In 2010, Lane was diagnosed with Gastroschisis at 18 weeks when an amniotic fluid scan came back abnormal.  Since Lane was our first child, the diagnosis multiplied our already mounting anxiety and fear. We felt that by researching Lane’s birth defect we could better cope with the uncertainty of his future.  Avery’s Angels has been in our family ever since. Though he continued to grow, Lane was diagnosed with IUGR and was born via c-section at 36 weeks on December 21, 2010. My Christmas baby’s final closure was able to be performed within hours of his birth and he surprised us all by coming home from Women’s and Children’s at 28 days old. He has been a smart, energetic boy and has not had any complications since he left the NICU. For myself, after six years of supporting Avery’s Angels in my heart and through explaining Lane’s entrance into the world to others, I have joined as Louisiana’s HUB leader!