Emerita Rabe RN, BSN

Avery Award of Excellence in Neonatal Nursing

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Nominated by Clariza Lopez

I met Emerita the second week Diego was in the NICU. She received me with a warm smile and a friendly gesture. During my visit I saw how amazing she treated Diego and how she talked to him and played with him so he wouldn’t cry when he was being given a small shower and when she would take his vitals. She always gave me advice on how to interact with my son, me being a first time mom. Even when she wasn’t Diego’s nurse, she would always drop by and ask how he was doing, and she always made sure to ask how I was doing and if I needed anything. Since my son has been in the NICU, I have closely observed all the nurses and realized that I also want to be a nurse to give my son a better life when he’s older. When I told Emerita, she was the first one to say that she supports my decision and she will be by my side when I need her and she will always encourage me to do what’s best for me and my son. The two operations that Diego had, she was right next to us worrying, and when I cried she was a shoulder I could cry on and she would assure me that everything will be fine and that she will always pray for my child that he gets out of the NICU soon.  I really believe that she should be one of the five to receive the Avery Awards Of Excellence because to me she is the greatest nurse my son could have ever had.