Dr. Tyler Hartman

Avery Award of Excellence in Neonatology

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Lebanon, New Hampshire

Nominated by Christina Miller

Tyler HartmanDr. Tyler Hartman was nominated by Christina Miller, grandmother to gastroschisis survivor, Eliana. “Dr.Tyler Hartman is a saint. He met my daughter and I when she was 24 weeks pregnant. We knew my granddaughter would be born with gastroschisis at 14 weeks. Dr. Hartman was so kind and made our meetings comfortable, he let us know that he would be there for Eliana when she was born and during her care afterwards. My daughter went in to labor four weeks early. It was a long night and my granddaughter was born the next morning with Dr. Hartman by our sides. He made sure we knew he was there and ready for the baby. Dr. Hartman spent many days and nights beside Eliana because she was so sick. She was only 4 lbs at birth and all of her intestines were exposed along with her liver and a Fallopian tube. He even used my daughter’s phone to take a picture of Eliana before she could see her, my daughter was suffering her own health issues after birth. He was always honest and straight forward. When Eliana’s health was grave, he told us the seriousness and didn’t lie. He stood by us in happy and sad times. He also advocated for my granddaughter and daughter many times. Dr. Hartman also works with Dr. George Little, who worked to save my own life as I was born a micro premi. Both Dr. Hartman and Dr. Little travel to Africa to work with sick babies. Dr. Hartman has made our lives so joyful because he made sure Eliana had all of the treatments necessary and the best nurse staff available. Selfless, honest, and extremely committed. His ethics go beyond what anyone can ever imagine. For these reasons he is by far my top choice for the award.”