Avery Award of Excellence in Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Thomas Renard

Medical City Children’s Hospital

Dallas, Texas

Nominated by Brianna Bagwell

Dr Thomas RenardDr. Thomas Renard was nominated by Brianna Bagwell for the care of her son, Zeke, during his stay in the NICU. “I found out about my son’s gastroschisis at 16 weeks when I had his gender scan. I was immediately referred to 2 specialist and to Dr. Renard. ┬áDr. Renard answered all the questions I ever had for him and acted like he genuinely cared about my son’s outcome. I had 2 in office visits with him before my son was born. Each visit we had wit him was wonderful. He never rushed us or tried to hurry us off so he could get to his next appointment. He took all the time we needed to make sure any concerns or fears we had were discussed. He explained everything in a very understanding way and not in just medical talk. He always asked how my specialist appointments went and asked how we were doing as Zeke’s parents. He called several times before Zeke was born to see how we were doing. The day Zeke was born he was in the operating room and was so supportive to me and my spouse. He was telling us everything would be okay and walking us through what all was about to happen after he was born. My son was born and Dr. Renard took him to surgery immediately and did his repair surgery. He did a PHENOMENAL job on my son’s surgery. He came back and checked on Zeke throughout his Neonatal Intensive Care Unit stay and treated my son like he was important to him past his surgery. He has even called twice since my son was born to check to see how he is doing and growing. Throughout my sons Neonatal Intensive Care Unit stay he was always answering any questions I ever had about the days to come in my sons healing process. I was very impressed with the care we received from Dr. Renard and that’s is why I am nominating him for this award.
Dr. Renard offered phenomenal care to us and treated us like we were important to him. He works hard day in and day out and treats his patients like they matter beyond the initial visit and surgery. I feel like Dr Renard deserves this award because of the care he has offered to all the patients he has treated in the Dallas Area. When choosing a surgeon for Zeke we never once heard anything negative about Dr. Renard . So many people we talked to spoke nothing but positive words about him and the work he has done for every patient he encounters. All around, our experience with Dr. Renard was amazing. He offers care and support to his patients not only in the hospital, but also outside of the hospital. Him calling to check on us beyond my son’s initial surgery speaks volumes about him not only as a physician but as a human being. I would recommend Dr. Renard to anyone who was needing phenomenal care for their belly button superhero.”