Will you make the leap for AAGF and see how high you are willing to jump? The higher you jump, the more money you win.

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Once you get on the platform, things can change, and fear can take over. Can you conquer that fear in the name of this charity? Only time will tell.

About the Show

Welcome to Dare Me For Charity, a story about our journey across the United States, trying to find people willing to come together and make a leap for their charity.

Our first goal is to create an awesome challenge that would test the courage of these communities, from safe to scary heights, and we put together some prize money to motivate them to conquer any fear they may have for a good cause. And the bigger the participation we can get, the bigger the prizes can be for everyone.

Our next goal is to document this journey for the world to see, both the good, and the bad, how it comes together, and where things come apart. And in the end, will we reach all 42 cities? or will we fall short?

Our third goal is to share that journey with a national television audience, so they can bear witness to what happens when people come together in their own communities for a common good.

And finally, when this journey airs, we use the advertising revenue to create an additional prize to support two more challenges, that raise more money and awareness for these charities, to demonstrate yet again, how amazing people can be if given the opportunity.

Ready to Sponsor A Team?

We have many amazing teams that need sponsors to support them and help them compete to win prize money, gain exposure, and have fun in the process. This is how the sponsorship works:

There is no limit to how many teams you can sponsor. However, each Team is only allowed to have up to 2 sponsors from the Starter, Basic, or Super Packages. Once those spots are secured by a Sponsor, the Team cannot add another Sponsor with those Package levels.

For more information, please visit http://dareme4charity.com/

1900525_10152519031359874_4542218517440132877_oCampaigns for Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation include:

•Los Angeles CA on June 28th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/676
•San Francisco CA on July 10th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/876
•Portland OR on July 9th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/852
•Phoenix AZ on July 12th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/857
•Denver CO on July 15th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/860
•Albuquerque NM on July 13th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/686
•San Antonio TX on July 18th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/887
•Indianapolis IN on July  25th- http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/866
•Nashville TN on July 23rd – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/915
•St. Louis MO on July 24th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/677
•Washington, DC on August 6th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/984
•Chicago IL on July 27th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/865
•Columbus OH on July 26th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/867
•Detroit MI on July 30th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/859
•Boston MA on August 2nd – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/714
•Pittsburgh PA on August 5th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/751
•Jacksonville FL on August 9th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/691
•Orlando FL on August 12th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/715
•Tampa FL on August 10th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/856
•Raleigh NC on August 8th – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/670
•Atlanta GA on July 22nd – http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/1304