Crystal Printy

Avery’s Angels District Manager

Southeast Atlantic District Manager (NC) – West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

[email protected]


Hello! My name is Crystal Printy. I live in North Carolina and have been serving as an Avery’s Angels volunteer since March 2017.

Why I Volunteer: Upon discovering I was pregnant with my third son, a child diagnosed with gastroschisis, I felt extremely alone and depressed, and did not know anyone who’d had a child with this rare birth defect. It was through an online community that I discovered Avery’s Angels, registered, began receiving support, and got connected with others who shared the same worry and sorrow I felt in the unknown journey ahead. Those supporters stood by me through our journey and continue to provide support. It is because of their time and energy, their love and support, and the education they poured into me about my son’s condition that I came to join Avery’s Angels as a volunteer. It is my desire to return the same kindness and support that was first given to me, unto those who come to seek our assistance along their journey.

About My Gastroschisis Warrior: My son, Evan, was born in 2016 with Closing Gastroschisis and spent 120 days in the NICU. Due to the loss of 80% of his small intestine, he was left with Short Bowel Syndrome. He is TPN-dependent and G-tube fed; having had several surgeries, including bowel resections, an ostomy, and small bowel tapering. He is cared for by the experienced team of specialists at the CAIR Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. We are forever grateful for his surgeon, Dr. Mark Puder, and his GI/HPN doctor, Ali Carey, and their teams, for their dedication to his care and quality of life. Today, Evan is a happy and sweet boy, who can be rambunctious and silly at times. We will face a lifetime of challenges with caring for him, but are so incredibly blessed to have him in our lives.