Brittany Davidson


Hub Leader

For outreach, please contact [email protected]

Brittany DavidsonHi I’m Brittany Davidson, Canadian Hub Leader for AAGF. When I became pregnant with my daughter Emrie who was born with Gastroschisis, I felt so lost and alone. Avery’s Angels and everyone I met within it became a huge part of my life and my biggest support system. I am so glad to be able to now meet others and give back to families experiencing what we did, help others have more piece of mind, and make life long connections through this long journey of Gastroschisis. 

Emrie was born June 19, 2012 at 36 weeks gestation. She was born with both large and small intestine out, that was damaged and what they call “matted.” I had high fluid during the end of my pregnancy indicating there could be some complications with the condition of her bowel. She had 7 surgeries total including a silo, closure, atresia, blockage, ostomy bag put up and take down and central line removal. She also had sepsis many times. she now has 1/3 of her small intestine and 1/2 of her large. Considering all odds and every obstacle thrown her way, she continues to smile, grow, learn and be our biggest inspiration. She continues to fight occasional complications and is always at risk for more issues, but she lives life to the fullest and embraces every party of her no belly button tummy!