Megan Turcotte

Avery’s Angels Team

Graphic Designer


Megan TurcotteIn 2003 Megan Turcotte’s son Josh was born with rare complications arising from gastroschisis. He developed Short Bowel Syndrome from this complication. Megan and her husband journeyed through the medical world never knowing another parent who had a child like Josh. While Josh grew, Megan never stopped searching for information and an answer to the question, “Why?” During this search, in 2009, she found Avery’s Angels. It was the first time in 6 years she didn’t feel alone in her journey.

Megan joined in hopes of helping raise money for AAGF by selling some of her craft goods. Her love of art and creating transformed itself into graphic design for Avery’s Angels. With self taught skills she now designs AAGF’s logo,  flyers, brochures, business cards, along with running and designing for Avery’s Angels online Cafepress shop.

AAGF has been a great support to Megan and she feels blessed every day to have found the foundation, and thinks it is a great honor getting to work with great people for a great cause.