It is our great honor to recognize Benjamin Allin and Gillian Goddard with the Avery Award.

In 2014 the board voted to start the Avery Award to highlight clinicians and researchers exemplifying patient centered care and a commitment to gastroschisis advocacy. As our foundation grew and became more involved, the impetus of the award changed, and it became clear that the award carried a significant onus of responsibility on both the recipient and the nominating side.

Patients and their families had begun to seek out the care and expertise of prior winners. Thus, the award shifted, per board vote, from open nomination for CEO review from 2014-2016, to hand selected clinicians from the CEO and board.  Based off ongoing review, some awards have also been rescinded as one of our board members aptly put: “Because of our concern and care with this birth defect and those who suffer, the information and resources have increased over the years and being unwilling to seek them when caring for patients with Gastroschisis is unacceptable and it’s our job to help and support families with the best knowledge we have possible.” Therefore, consistently strong patient outcomes, not just individual outcomes, are now considered. Additionally, the institution outcomes the clinician works at, and the unit commitment to strong outcomes and best care are also reviewed. Finally, a personal involvement in gastroschisis advocacy and advancing best care and understanding of this defect are paramount characteristics of clinicians recognized. Avery’s Angels can safely and proudly state that those who are award recipients are foremost experts in gastroschisis best care and have a continued commitment to best outcomes.

It is our great honor to recognize Benjamin Allin and Gillian Goddard this year for their continued commitment to gastroschisis in both a clinical and research role.

Our hopes is that this small gesture helps thank and encourage work with our patients. Commitment to best outcomes and advocacy for gastroschisis are precious to those in a rare disease category and matter well beyond the patients these clinicians serve. We thank Dr. Allin and Dr. Goddard for their service and passion to our community.

Read more about the recipients by clicking on the names below.

Dr. Benjamin Allin – Avery Award in Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Gillian Goddard – Avery Award for Outstanding Commitment to Gastroschisis Research