Beth Wallace

HUB Leader

[email protected]

Beth WallaceBethany Wallace is currently expecting a little girl, who will be named Paisley LeAnn. After taking the quad screening test, I was informed that we had a positive for neural tube defect. At our 18 week anatomy screening, our daughter was diagnosed with gastroschisis. After many long days and nights looking for answers, or just some kind of relief, we were told of Avery’s Angels. After visiting the website and reading everyone’s stories and experiences, we were relieved to know chances are Paisley is going to be fine. I decided to make the next step and get involved with Avery’s Angels for the support that they offer families dealing with gastroschisis, and to feel as if I am contributing to finding a reason why this happened to my daughter. It makes me feel successful when I know that I am able to offer support that some people may not even know they need yet. Gastroschisis is hard for everyone to deal with, I’m hoping I can help make it a little better.

* Please note, Beth will be on medical leave Fall 2014 in anticipation of her gastroschisis baby’s arrival.