There is much debate over what gestational time is optimal for gastroschisis delivery. Gastroschisis infants tend to be born early. Average gestational age is around 36 weeks for spontaneous (non-induced) labour.18 Traditional wisdom held that the optimum time to deliver gastroschisis infants is at 37 weeks gestation or earlier, while trying to time delivery to decrease common issues with premature infants. Studies have shown that gastroschisis infants born after 37 weeks gestation have lower apgar scores18; however, certain studies now show that elective delivery prior to 37 weeks correlates with extended TPN use and increased NICU stays19,20, while delivery past 38 weeks is associated with increased bowel matting20, while others feel that delivering as close to 40 weeks as possible is best.21 Much of the delivery date is still left up to practitioner preference, but doctors will always use tools such as Non Stress Tests and Biophysical Profiles to guide their decision.