Sara Dowdy


Hub Leader

[email protected]

Hey there! My name is Sara Dowdy and I am a mother of 2 wonderful boys. My Gastroschisis journey began in 2014 when I was 20 years old with my first son Cole for an undiagnosed Gastroschisis case. At delivery, our doctor was in a frantic mood to deliver Cole due to his heart rate continuously dropping. Once he was born, Riley Children’s Hospital was contacted because of this medical condition. 

Unaware of this medical condition, I began researching and found this foundation. I contacted them with millions of questions and “what if” scenarios just to educate myself more. The team in this foundation were informative and walked me through every step and set back that we faced. I made myself a promise that once my son was healthy and I finished college, I would commit myself to helping others the way they helped me. 

As your Indiana Hub Leader, I will always be there through every step you and your child will face with Gastroschisis. I want to give families the hope that I received and the care that I did when I needed this foundation the most.