Avery’s Angels provides volunteer “veteran” supporters to families in need. These volunteers understand the stress of having a child in the NICU and donate their time to supporting others who are where they have been. To be connected, please complete our Support Registration form.

Additionally, the March of Dimes offers a NICU Family Support Program.45 Your hospital may offer additional avenues of support, and always ask to speak with a hospital social worker to learn about how they can help you and your family during this difficult time.

Having a baby in the NICU places stress on the whole family unit, including extended family members. Parents of children with birth defects report a significant impact on quality of life both during the NICU time and beyond – including adverse mental health effects, social isolation, financial strain, impact on other siblings, and even an increased divorce rate.46 It is important to consider connecting with a hospital social worker or a therapist for support and to learn coping methods to assist with handling this stress.

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