Get your state or province to declare July 30th Gastroschisis Awareness Day.

To begin, please contact our Gastroschisis Awareness Day Coordinator, Kaitlyn Pitman, at [email protected]. You will be provided with the necessary paperwork to complete and be asked to include your own personal story of how you have been affected by gastroschisis to submit to your Governor. Only one proclamation per state or province is necessary.

In order for us to keep track of which states, regions, and locals have submitted proclamations, please take a moment to complete the Gastroschisis Day Proclamation Form below. Many offices ask that only one request be submitted. Once we have received this form, please be sure to follow up with us and let us know if your local government has accepted July 30th as Gastroschisis Awareness Day or not. Thank you for helping us spread awareness!

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