Join us for our second annual Miss Avery’s Angels Kentucky Benefit Pageant.


EVERYTHING from this pageant will be donated to Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation! Including, entry fee, little angel award, additional photos, and door entries!

Avery’s Angels is a 501(c)3 NonProfit organization that helps families that have been affected by Gastroschisis. Whether its by sending care packages to expecting families, providing gas cards for families that live to far from the NICU, or just over all support Avery’s Angels is there for each person.

Gastroschisis is a birth defect that causes the intestines to protrude from a hole in the abdomen, typically to the right of the umbilical cord. Occasionally, other organs are involved as well. This must be repaired surgically after birth, although surgery is not always possible immediately and depends on many factors including the amount of bowel outside of the body. While approximately 90% of affected infants survive in industrialized nations with proper medical care, there is still a 10% mortality rate due to complications or related defects and infections – even with the best medical care.

This pageant is open to Boys and Girls of all ages with no experience necessary! Nobody will leave empty handed!

Age Groups: (No Limit on Age Groups)

Baby Miss (0-12 Months) JR. Miss (8-10 Years)

Teeny Miss (13-24 months) Pre Teen (11-13 Years)

Toddler Miss (2-3 Years) Teen  (14-16 Years)

Little Miss (4-5 Years) Miss   (17-21 Years)

Petite Miss (6-7 Years) Mrs./Ms. (21+ Years)

Mister    (0-13 Years)

We reserve the right to combine any age groups that we see necessary. Age groups will only be combined to help contestants not compete alone.


Beauty Entry Fee: $75 (Mandatory)

Best Dressed: $10.00

Miss Personality: $10.00

Little Angel: FREE

Supreme Titles (Grand, Mini, Photogenic): $20.00


Crowning shirt $20 (Mandatory)


Final Payments will be due July 12, 2017!

Payment may be sent via PayPal to [email protected] or via Money Order made out to Beth Wallace at 1122 Browns Alley Bristol, Virginia 24201. Please inform us when you are mailing a money order.

An Invoice may be requested if you do not have a PayPal. This invoice will be sent to your email and will allow you to pay with a debit/credit card. Invoices will contain a 4% PayPal fee. If you would like to receive an invoice please message us and let us know.

This pageant is semi-glitz, participants should wear a Pageant or Sunday’s Best dress of their choice. All participants will appear before a panel of judges. All participants will be judged on presentation, personality, beauty, and attire. Score cards will be available at the conclusion of the pageant. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the director’s attention and not to the judges.

Photogenic Photos-

• Will be accepted during registration.

• Only one photo is allowed with entry price. Additional photos can be added at $5 a photo

• Please make sure these photos are NO smaller than a 4X6, and that they have your child’s first and last name, age, and their group on the back.

• You will be able to pick photos back up at the end of the pageant.


• This is a semi-glitz pageant.

• Make up is allowed on all contestants but we ask that it stays age appropriate.

• No fake teeth and tanners are allowed in our younger groups.

• Dresses should be either a pageant or Sunday’s best. Girls will be judged on how well it fits. Participants in the JR. Miss and up should wear a long evening or ball gown of your choice

Supreme Awards-

• There will be 1 Grand Supreme, 1 Mini  Supreme, and 1 Photogenic Supreme. All Supremes will be double crowned if won.

• Grand Supreme will be awarded to the contestant with the highest overall score.

• Mini Supreme will be awarded to the contestant with the second highest overall score.

• Photogenic Supreme will go the child with the highest overall photogenic score.

Little Angel Award-

•  There will be a CUSTOM 10in Crown and sash rewarded to the child that raises the most money for Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation. This can be rewarded to a child that has already been crowned.

• Every child that raises at least $25 for Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation will receive a crown.

• Money raised for this award is due at the time of registration.


• If you arrive after your group has already began competing you will not be aloud to compete. You will forfeit your spot and all fees associated with the pageant. It is important to make sure your schedule is clear on pageant day to prevent tardiness.

Spectator Fee-

• There will be a $5 spectator fee for everyone who would like to enter the theater to watch. Each contestant’s entry fee will come with one adult admission.

• Spectator Fees must be paid in cash.