Marissa Rebello

Avery Award of Excellence in Neonatal Nursing

Children’s Hospital of Atlanta Scottish Rite

Atlanta, Georgia

Nominated by Brittany Dye

Marissa has taken care of Jadon as one of his primaries since the beginning! She was the one that spoke up and out for his care when I wasn’t there, she also knew something was wrong with him before any doctors did. She got him out of the annex (step down Nicu) and back into regular nicu and that’s when the doctor told us Jadon looked great and we indeed knew he wasn’t. They told us to continue feeds so we did and he kept vomiting, Marissa noticed his color changing back to gray, and his soft spot sinking in. They very next day he was going to surgery and Marissa was there, and the one that wheeled him back. She answered all the questions that she could. Stood with me and walked me back, so I wasn’t alone. She’s been amazing and so patient and caring toward Jadon and my family! She knows Jadon like he’s her own child. We couldn’t have made it honestly with out her! This is why I am a firm believer in primaries, they know your baby when your not thei r. I will forever be thankful for Marissa! She always is quiet about her doings and NEVER boast about them. She is a angel in disguise. I truly believe she deserves this award and I know she will be humbled to get it. We love you so much Marissa! If you do receive to award know you are a hero in my baby boys eyes and my eyes! You helped him succeed!