Lisa Black RN

Avery Award of Excellence in Neonatal Nursing

CAMC Women’s and Children’s

Hurricane, West Virginia

Nominated by Michael & Shana Johnson

A NICU stay can never be easy. But with the help of a wonderful nurse, it can be a little easier to bare. We had Lisa Black who always went above and beyond. She was a primary nurse who just fell in love with MaKenlee & always treated her as her own. Even in the rare occasion she wasn’t her night nurse she would go and have the schedule changed. Not only because she loved having her but she knew it helped me be able to leave the hospital for a few hours to sleep and I knew my daughter was in the best hands. No matter what questions I had she always tried to explain every single thing to me or get me the answers I needed. Even now being out of the NICU a year later she still text and ask about her. And has become a part of our family. She always notified us of anything and everything. She really eased our minds the few hours a day we weren’t able to be there and I just feel she needs a reward for her amazing work. She knew exactly what my daughter needed and gave it to her. She’s an amazing part of our family now. Our NICU stay would have been very different without her. We love our Lisa, she’s such a loving and special person!!