Haley Hages

HUB Leader

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_dsc2880My name is Haley Hages, I am a Legal Assistant for a local law firm in my area, a wife and mom to two beautiful children, the oldest is a boy his name is Bryce and my youngest is a girl her name is Kylee. Kylee was diagnosed with Gastroschisis January 4th 2016 when I was 18 weeks pregnant. At the time my husband nor I had ever heard of Gastroschisis. The diagnosis was shocking and devastating and from that day our whole families lives changed. Kylee was delivered at Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw by cesarean section at 36 weeks and 4 days. Kylee was born with all of her small intestine and 60% of her large intestine outside of her abdomen.She went in for surgery 1 hour after birth and the the Doctor was able to get all of her bowels back inside her abdomen which allowed him to do a complete closure on her. She came off of the ventilator on day 2 and we were finally able to hold our little fighter on day 3, Bryce and Kylee met each other on day 11. Within two days after birth we had our first poop, and 7 days after birth we started feeds and she was up to full feeds by day 12. By day 14 we were home! We had a rough start at home, I was a nervous wreck constantly thinking something was going to go horribly wrong. On our 7th day of being home I noticed a bright red stripe extending across Kylees belly and she ended up having an infection at the surgery site so we were admitted back into the hospital for 7 days for IV antibiotics. Since leaving the hospital for the 2nd time we have yet to go back. Kylee has grown to be so strong and so happy, her nickname at daycare is smiley Kylee. It is so hard watching your baby fight to survive but Kylee made us realize that every day is a gift, speak softer and kinder, have more patience and never take a day spent with your family for granted.