Dr. Mustafa Kabeer

Avery Award of Excellence in Pediatric Surgery

UCI Medical Center

Orange, California

Nominated by Brittney Gossett

Dr Mustafa KabeerDr. Mustafa Kabeer was nominated by Brittney Gossett, mother of gastroschisis survivor, Irelynn. “When you find out something is wrong with your child there is nothing that can make it better, or at least that’s how you feel in all the moments you watch them struggle. The people around you help, but I have never found more comfort until I met my daughter’s surgeon, Dr. Mustafa Kabeer. Dr. Kabeer saved my daughters life with his quick decision making and was able to help my husband and I find peace in the horrible situation we were dealt dealing with a complicated case of gastroschisis. Dr. Kabeer did not perform one surgery, but 5 surgeries on Irelynn within her first seven days of life. Dr. Kabeer not only works at UCI Medical Center saving lives, but also at CHOC going back and forth performing several surgeries per day. Dr. Kabeer not only was a surgeon, but he was a piece of hope with knowledge, passion and comfort. Dr. Kabeer explained everything that was going to happen and even in the worst moments he explained everything in detail so we always knew what our daughter was dealing with. Dr. Kabeer did not just work when it was his rotation, after the first day he met Irelynn, he had an instant connection with her. Dr. Kabeer visited her everyday and examined her in detail during her crucial time and because of that he was able to make decisions and act quickly to save what was left in her little body. I will never forget when things got bad and we were unsure she would make it, my husband, myself, and family members were in the waiting room around midnight and I saw Dr. Kabeer pacing through the walkway. I asked him “what are you doing here?,” he walked over to me looked at me and told me “I am worried about your daughter I was at home and I had to come check on her to ensure she was ok, a phone call would not do.” So there he was at midnight coming in taking time away from his family to visit my daughter and try to help her as much as he could. When your child is sick there is nothing that can ever take that pain away, but somehow even when we were not certain what life was for her or if there was life, Dr. Kabeer was there. He was there providing hope, courage and genuinely caring for the health of my child. This is not a job for him, this is a life and he takes so much pride in these children’s and their family’s. My daughter would not be alive today if it was not for him and all he did. We would not have been so strong if he didn’t give us the hope. He is my miracle, he saved her life and I will forever be thankful for him. Dr. Kabeer deserves this more than anyone because of his heart and compassion for kids and saving their lives.”

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