Dr Mary Brandt

Avery Award of Excellence in Pediatric Surgery

Texas Children’s Hospital

Houston, Texas

Nominated by Brittany Isham

Dr Mary BrandtDr. Mary Brandt was nominated for an Award of Excellence by Brittany Isham. “Dr. Brandt works at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston where Savana was born on December 27, 2012. Immediately following delivery, Savana was taken to the NICU where my mother accompanied her. Savana had a detachment of her umbilical cord with some intestine as well as her stomach outside of her abdomen. Dr. Brandt was waiting at the bedside when the NICU staff arrived with Savana. My mother remained by Savana’s side the entire time. Dr. Brandt examined Savana and elected to do an immediate bedside closure, no stitches just a patch using her umbilical cord and a few “hospital grade butterfly bandaids”. My mother was confused and very nervous since we were not aware anything like that could be an option. Dr. Brandt was so sweet and informative, she made my mother feel very comfortable and confident during a very stressful time. Dr. Brandt, a pediatric surgeon for over 20 years, said in all that time with all the gastroschisis babies she has had this was the most simple closure she had seen. During Savana’s NICU stay Dr. Brandt came and checked up on Savana countless times, even when she was not assigned to her for rounds. She wanted to ensure that Savana was getting better and that we were comfortable with the decisions being made. Savana was almost a NICU star because Dr. Brandt was so intrigued with her simple repair and her miraculous speedy recovery that followed. I believe Dr. Brandt deserves this award, not just for her easy going nature and excellent communication of Savana’s treatment, but for all the gastroschisis babies she has been there for through her more than 20 years of pediatric surgery.”