Danielle Beckwith

Avery Award of Excellence in Nursing

UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

Cleveland, Ohio

Nominated by Jessica Blevins

Danielle BeckwithAustin was born November 11, 2013 with Gastroschisis and a Coarctation of the Aorta. He was in the NICU the first four in a half months of his life until he got moved to a GI floor. During his NICU stay his primary nurse Danielle Beckwith was one of the most positive, thoughtful and caring nurses he had taking care of him. She never gave up on him and always stayed positive and encouraged and helped me to become comfortable with him and included me with his hands on care. He had got deathly ill at one point and not once did she ever think he wouldn’t make it. She cheered him on every step of the way and even helped get him to be able to have tummy time and stroller rides around the unit. She even made him little hats and styled what little hair he does have. You could see and feel the love she had for my son and she made a huge impact on not only his life but my family’s life as well. Danielle would make sure she involved me in everything possible and listened to everything I had to say. She would help explain things I didn’t understand and if Austin did something great she would get excited for him too. She’s a true definition of a nurse. Taking care of babies isn’t just a job to her, it is a passion and a love that she has and that’s what makes her a true angel. When Austin sees her he smiles. I know it’s because he feels safe and happy around her and she was so involved with him that he knows who she is. As a mother, to see my son smile is the best feeling in the world. Especially when at some points I didn’t know if that day would ever come. And knowing that she took part in that and went beyond and above expectations makes me so thankful that I now have her in my life and that Austin was truly blessed to have a phenomenal nurse like her. She deserves the best and I believe she more than deserves the Avery award of Excellence.