Christine Fowler


Co-Hub Leader

[email protected]

My journey began in 2017. I found out I was having my 3rd baby. I have to admit, I was not very excited as it was not planned. I already had a 20 year old daughter & a 13 year old son. Once I heard that heartbeat; I just knew it was meant to be. At 20 weeks, I was told after an ultrasound that my baby girl had Gastroschisis. Being a geriatric nurse & in the medical field for 21 years; you would have thought I knew about Gastroschisis. I was sent to Seattle for further testing. At 23 weeks, I was informed sitting all by myself surrounded by a team of doctors in a room with a long conference table that they also believed she had a cloacal malformation. I was told that having a cloacal malformation in addition to Gastroschisis that she did not really have a chance of survival. I was told if she even survived birth that she would require multiple total reconstructive surgeries. I was given resources to terminate the pregnancy. My baby had a heart, a brain & I had to give her a chance. I was told to find a support group and came across Averys Angel’s. They connected me with others that had experienced similar things, gave me information, resources, were with me the entire way through email, text, phone calls. My best friend helped pick out my baby girls name. One night, I came across a Gastroschisis Angel that had the exact name I had picked out. I remember thinking I can’t name her this now as that angel baby deserves to only have her name however I was stuck on this name. My Emersyn Grace was born Sept. 8th 2017 with many organs on the outside including her small bowel, stomach, liver & bladder. NO CLOACAL MALFORMATION! She was taken to surgery, most of her organs were able to be placed right back in and a silo bag was placed. After 3 surgeries, 43 days my baby girl was able to come home from the NICU. I just knew I had to give back & I became a volunteer with AAGF. Little did I know that the angel baby with her same name was born right here in my home state. Little did I know that I was going to meet her mommy. Little did I know that a few months after that I was going to be ¬†given an opportunity to work with her to raise awareness about Gastroschisis. Without AAGF this would not have occurred. I am extremely excited to give to others what AAGF has given to me. I am here day or night for you let it be just someone to talk to, to cry to, celebrate with or to help obtain resources & information. What was unplanned for me has shown me that it was all part of a bigger plan that was far bigger than what I could have imagined. I want to be there with you through your journey for as long as you allow! We are all family!