Cally Chatman


Hub Leader

[email protected]

My name is Cally Chatman, I am mom to two boys! My second,Ezra, is my gastroschisis baby. We found out Ezra was going to be born with Gastroschisis shortly after our 16 week ultrasound. During my pregnancy I had some issues but after some tests and with an extra close eye on our baby everything was fine. I was induced at 37 weeks exactly and Ezra was born the next night. He had his closure surgery done at 8 days old and hasn’t needed any other surgeries since. Our gastroschisis journey has been a fairly simple case, after his closure surgery everything while in the nicu moved along smoothly with some small hiccups here and there. 32 days later we got to bring Ezra home and since have had no big issues.
During nicu life I knew fairly quickly that I wanted to help support other moms/ families during their journeys and also wanted to be a part of educating others about what gastroschisis is. All this lead me to putting on my first awareness day event in 2018 which eventually lead me to becoming a hub leader for my state!