Brea Muir


Hub Leader

[email protected]

Hi, I’m Brea Muir. I’m a cosmetologist and a first time mom to a Gastroschisis warrior. My little guy’s name is Rowan. My husband Ryan and I found out that we were expecting while living in Washington state. In the beginning of my second trimester, we found out that Rowan would be born with gastroschisis. So we quickly got our ducks in a row and moved to Michigan to be closer to family.

Everything I had read about gastroschisis was so vague, which I quickly learned it was because every case is vastly different. I needed answers, and I knew I couldn’t of been the only one. I found a Facebook page that directed me to Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation and from then on I got more support and connections than I could’ve imagined, not just from leadership but also from other registered parents.

On November 9th I was induced at 35 weeks due to failed NSTs and weak blood flow in the umbilical chord. I delivered Rowan at the University of Michigan and after he was born, he was cared for by C. S. Mott Children’s hospital while Ryan and I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for 24 days.

Since being home with Rowan I’ve had time to reflect on our experience and I don’t think I would’ve made it through if I had continued to feel alone with my son being diagnosed with a rare disease. So, here I am, ready and eager to give back and provide the same support I received through Avery’s Angels.