Beth Smith DM

Avery’s Angels District Manager

Beth Smith

South Atlantic District Manager (VA) – West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

[email protected]

Our story began at 15 weeks with the voluntary quad screening test. I took the test and in just a couple of days I received a call to discuss the results. All I remember was “don’t worry there are a lot of false positives”. Unfortunately, that was not my case. Two weeks later I was told that my daughter would be born with an abdominal wall Defect known as Gastroschisis. I cried, felt like for hours or days. I felt drained, I began to get depressed. I would lock myself in my daughters room and just cry until no more tears would come out. This is when I went through my pamphlets I was given and found Avery’s Angels. I decided to reach out. You have never felt a more gentle love than what Avery’s Angels has to offer. I didn’t want support anymore. I wanted to do more, so I signed on as a HUB Leader. I had so much support for the rest of my pregnancy that the only word I could use for it is… magical. My appointments began to be once a week to monitor the size of the bowels. I began to accept what was going to be. Until I hit 24 weeks. I was told her fluid levels were low and I need to drink about two gallons of water a day until my next appointment. I tried, but failed. At 25 weeks my fluid levels were at a 3 and I was admitted to the hospital for a 48 hour fluid drip. Those 48 hours turned into 504. 504 lonely hours. I was by myself, the only visits I got was from those who picked me up my cravings, but they we’re gone as soon as they came. Once released I was told to get things ready she would come any day. Thankfully, I didn’t come back for another 6 weeks. My pregnancy was hard, always sick, always at the doctor, on bed rest. However, my labor was a breeze. I didn’t get to hold her, I barely got to look at her. BUT, she was BEAUTIFUL. We spent the next 30 days driving 1 hour back and forth to see our beautiful girl. Since her birth it has been a passion of mine to provide support for others beginning this journey. To spread awareness as far as my voice can touch. To send a little love to those who need it, and to make anyone know they aren’t alone. You may be 1 in 2229, but with Avery’s Angels you’ll never be alone.