Amy Partridge


Hub Leader

[email protected]

Amy is from Madison, Mississippi. She is an Executive Assistant for a real estate team located in Madison and handles some social media management. Amy is also a singer/songwriter with a blog, Out of Amy’s Eyes, where she encourages others to pursue their dreams. In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with family/friends, traveling, writing, live music/concerts and just about any activity outdoors. She is Aunt Amy to 15 nieces and nephews, of which one niece (Lola) is a Gastroschisis survivor. This led her to being a part of Avery’s Angels.

Lola was in the NICU at UMC (Jackson, MS) for 5 months and 3 days. She had 3 major gut surgeries, multiple infections and blood transfusions She came home with a Broviac and tube feeding and was considered a failure to thrive by her doctors. Within 2 months of being home, she contracted a terrible staph infection from her central line and again her life was threatened. The line was removed due to her improvement in growth and nutrition. Since then, she has thrived. Her body began to adjust to the huge loss of intestines. Today she is a happy, mostly healthy, sassy 4 year old that keeps her 3 brothers on their toes. Amy is thankful for the opportunity to “give back” and assist other families during their Gastroschisis experiences.