Sara Cain


Hub Leader

[email protected]

My name is Sara Cain and I am from Indianapolis. I am a mommy to a Gastroschisis prince. My gastro warrior is Cole. The day I delivered Cole was a joyous day. His father and I were so excited to welcome our first child into this world. We had everything ready to spend the next three days in the hospital. To our surprise, at delivery our doctor was in a frantic mode to deliver Cole as quickly as possible due to his heart rate continuing to drop significantly.  Once Cole was delivered we were informed that Riley had to be contacted due to a medical condition called “Gastroschisis.”

Unaware of this condition and our newborn having it, I began digging for research and help. That is when I came across Avery’s Angels and became in contact with Lyndsey Leonard. She guided me through the ropes while we were at Riley Children’s Hospital. This foundation helped me cope with the fact of being a new mom to a child with this condition, especially not being prepared. I have watched leaders the past four years do phenomenal work at events and help with families get in contact with the right people. I decided that now was the time to give back more than I have before and commit my time to this amazing foundation. I want to give families the hope that I receive and the care that I did when I needed this foundation the most. I would love nothing more than to be the HUB leader for the State of Indiana.