Jellyfish for Re-admitted Families

If your child has been re-admitted to the hospital, let us send them a Jellyfish to cheer them up!

One of the benefits of registering and receiving support! Our Jellyfish program is for readmitted patients who are partnered and have been in contact with one of our registered and official AAGF volunteers. If a patient has left the hospital and has to be readmitted to the NICU or PICU, one of our volunteers will contact leadership and fill out the appropriate forms for the family. We are so appreciative of the efforts of Barbara Heran to provide these crochet lovies! Any knitting or crochet enthusiasts who would like to contribute to this program please contact [email protected]

*Must be registered and speaking with an official AAGF volunteer to qualify*

Due to funding our programs, packages may take 8-12 weeks for delivery. Donate today to help