H&R Block – Referral Program

Get tax help and generate funds for AAGF by visiting any H&R Block for professional tax services.

H&R Block partners with wonderful nonprofits like Avery’s Angels, donating over $780,0000 last year. Individual Tax Professionals sign up their favorite nonprofits as part of the Nonprofit Referral Program. Any new client that has any H&R Block complete a tax return and presents the flyer available in the link below will raise $20 for Avery’s Angels. At the end of the tax season, H&R Block will be mail a check with the grand total to Avery’s Angels .

Please print out this Nonprofit Referral Program Flyer and bring it in to any H&R Block when you visit for help with your 2016 taxes. They will use the unique coupon code (40010001091098) to log in the system and will donate $20 to AAGF for each new client.

For more detailed information, please contact:

Melissa E. Gorham l Area Manager H&R Block
[email protected]
Mobile: 509-579-9976