Phebe Hovingh

Avery’s Angels Team



My Gastroschisis story starts with my second son’s 14 week ultrasound. Like so many others I had never heard the word “Gastroschisis ” before that day, let alone knew what it was. The rest of my pregnancy was filled with appointments, research, and a whole lot of prayer.

In 2008 (when we had our diagnosis) Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation didn’t exist. However the hospital I was to deliver at had a parent support program. I was so blessed to talk to and listed to another Gastroschisis mom. She was amazingly helpful. Her story helped carry me through so much. We are good friends to this day.

We spent 6 months in the NICU, and 6 more under continued home care. He was given a clean bill of health at 2 years and lives a super active life today. Yet, in those first few weeks of NICU I started to realize how different Gastroschisis can be from one case to another. I wished there were more resources and support. We had our family, our church, and friends but none of them had been where we were. There is something quite special about sharing a journey with someone who’s been there. This is why Avery’s Angels is so important to me. Supporting our region, our hubs, our hospitals, and our Gastroschisis community.