Lyndsey Leonard

Avery’s Angels District Manager

North Central District Manager (MI) – Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin

[email protected]

My name is Lyndsey Leonard, a mother to two handsome boys, Emmett and Ethan. I am also a stay at home mom, a fiance to a wonderful man, and currently going to school for Criminal Justice – I eventually hope to be a police officer one day. My journey with Gastroschisis began when my son Emmett was born was Gastroschisis in August of 2010. Although AAGF was founded in 2009, I actually had never stumbled upon the support until 2011. I was shocked that I never found this resource. We felt alone when we didn’t have to and it was then that my passion to volunteer had began to form. I didn’t want any other family out there experiencing this journey by themselves – especially when they didn’t have too. Because I currently live in Evansville, Indiana I am driven even more to get local families together to share support and help raise awareness. I know how it feels to think you are alone, that you are the only one you know that has gone through this. But I hope to be that voice to others that they aren’t alone in this experience – and that there is a growing community of others out there who knows exactly what this feels like. Since finding Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation, I have thoroughly enjoyed giving back to effected families, getting my local community involved, and gathering others together in hope for our Gastroschisis warriors.