Jessica Deighan

Avery’s Angels District Manager

South West District Manager – Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada

[email protected]


My name is Jessica Deighan. I’m a mommy to three amazing kids including one amazing superhero, wife to Andrew of 13 years, fixer of boo boo’s, rocket ship builder, princess clothing designer, educator and Southwest District Manager for Avery’s Angels. I have a Master;s degree in Secondary Education, dual bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Elementary Education and am currently in my doctoral program for Psychology with an Emphasis in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology. I work as a Developmental Specialist Instructionist for Arizona Early Intervention and work closely with Neonatal care teams to ensure a smooth transition from NICU to home.

Ian was born 6/11/07 at 32 weeks with a condition called Gastroschisis. At some point in my pregnancy the defect in the abdomen wall closed itself around the intestines outside, killing all that was outside; we did not know during the pregnancy. He lost 1/2 colon, 2/3 small intestine, ICV, and his appendix; they also put a G-tube in at that time. I didn’t get to see my son until the next morning and was crushed. During Ian’s 9 month stay at the NICU he endured numerous feeding issues, surgeries to lengthen his bowels, remove obstructions and save him from a perforation. It was the scariest time being told your baby had a 50-50 chance to pull through 24hrs (more than 1x). After an intestinal transplant in CA but we finally went home on March 3rd 08 on TPN/Lipid IVS and 24hr continuous Gtube feeds. It was not easy at home, Ian was in and out of the hospital with line infections almost every 6weeks. We almost lost Ian to one major line infection in Sept 08; he got a mutated form of a blood bug called Klebsiella and he went into cardiac arrest in the PICU. He then got a clot in his heart, his lungs collapsed with double pneumonia and his kidneys went into failure.

Everything looked as though we were losing him, but with a miracle his clot dispersed overnight and he started to pee hours before having dialysis. He spent the entire month of September in the PICU but when we did come home everything just started to click and eventually pulled his line on Dec 31, 08. Since then Ian has been receiving monthly blood transfusion, IV Iron transfusions/Vit B12 injections to help with his severe anemia caused by bacteria overgrowth that has required him to be on heavy duty antibiotics for three years now. Ian had a bowel resection June 4, 2013 and had 52cm of small intestine removed in hopes to stop the GI bleeding. It, however, did not help and Ian had another bowel resection with gallbladder removed in June of 2014. Ian is currently going into 5th grade and receives services for speech and developmental delays.. He has diagnoses of SPD/SID, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, Cerebral Palsy, JRA, Anxiety Disorder and Short Bowel Syndrome. Despite everything he has been through and continues to endure with a smile, he is a true Warrior!.