Cassandra Taylor


Hub Leader

[email protected]

My name is Cassandra and I’m the new Illinois Hub Leader. My son Lealand who is 4 1/2 years old was born with Gastroschisis. Lealand was born with vanishing Gastroschisis and when he was born he needed over 80% of his small intestines removed due to them being dead. Lealand is an extremely happy boy and absolutely loves every stranger he meets. Lealand spent 107 days In NICU almost 4 hours from home. He now suffers from Short Gut Syndrome and is so far Thriving on TPN, Smoflipids, and G-Tube feedings. He has been on TPN since the day he was born and went from 24 hours a day to 19 hours a day and has been back and fourth with his weight gain. He don’t tolerate much feedings Via G-Tube but nonetheless is doing amazing right now. 

My goal is to help spread awareness and help fund research for Avery’s Angels. I have wanted nothing more then to help with this since the day Lealand was born and I found about Avery’s Angels.  I want nothing more then to bring even more awareness to Illinois and Illinois families. I want them to have the support I had from the foundation when my Lealand was born. I’m super excited to start this journey!!