Carissa Shoemaker

Avery’s Angels Team

Director for Bereavement and Loss Support


My name is Carissa Shoemaker. I am a hospice CNA and a mother of 5, one of which is our gastroschisis angel Emersyn.  We have 3 additional girls Jaelyn, Khloe, and Liyah and our rainbow boy Oakley.  Our gastroschisis journey began in 2014. After extensive hospital visits and stays our Emmy was born April 21st 2014 with a large case of gastroschisis involving multiple organs including her intestines, liver, and stomach. She had multiple complications with her lung function due to the size of her gastroschisis and a large hole requiring donor skin and a wound vac. After 24 days in NICU and 2 surgeries our Emersyn cuddled in our arms filled with love and took her last breath on May 15, 2014 at 5:15pm. 2 months after Emersyn passed away I leaped into a new career with hospice as that’s where I felt drawn and have savored what I’ve learned through my time there. Through the last 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of helping families like ours through their gastroschisis journeys as Washington state’s hub leader. Now I am honored to step into my new position in bereavement with Avery’s Angels. Please feel free to reach out day or night as you go through your journey. I’ll meet you where you are in your grieving process, whether just beginning or years down the road. I’ll be here.