Becky Scharpen


Hub Leader

[email protected]

Hi, my name is Becky Scharpen.   I am mommy to four: Autumn, Carter, Mitchell,  and Avacyn. I am stepmom to Michael and an angel baby, Shayera. My husband, Mike, and I got married in 2017 and stay very busy with our blended family.  I have a degree in Accounting (I love numbers but dislike taxes). I spend most of my time running my kids around to various activities, running errands, and doing things around the house.  I also work part time at the local YMCA in the kids’ stuff child care room.  Life is always busy but never boring!

Our youngest daughter, Avacyn, is our gastroschisis warrior.  She has been both a blessing and a challenge! My pregnancy with her started out similar to my other 3, lots of nausea and fatigue in the beginning, nothing out of the ordinary.   On July 29, 2017, I went in for a 20 week ultrasound, hoping to find out the gender of our baby.  Not only did we found out we were having a girl, but also that she had gastroschisis.  Avacyn was born via vaginal birth on November 20, 2017 at 35 weeks 2 days.  She weighed 5lbs 6 oz. Avacyn had a large defect  with her intestines, an ovary,  her appendix,  and her stomach all out. She had a silo placed and had full closure surgery on day 9. She came home on New Year’s Eve(39 days old). Avacyn is now over a year old but we are constantly on edge if her stomach is hard or she doesn’t have normal bowel movements. 

Ever since Avacyn was born, I have wanted to support other families of Gastroschisis babies and help raise awareness.   Having a gastroschisis baby is a struggle but it teaches you a lot! The journey of a gastroschisis parent is something that should never be done alone so I am very happy I can be here to help others along the way!