Ambassador of Hope is a program providing gastroschisis children ages 12-17 an opportunity to give back to their community.

The program has 2 categories to apply to:

1. Complex Gastroschisis Survivors (long term, medically necessary survivors)
2. Gastroschisis Survivors

In the Complex category, survivors must be actively seeking or requiring treatments for one of the following issues:

· Short Bowel Syndrome
· Transplant
· Or a relating medical complication that otherwise impedes or affects their daily life

Documentation relating to their medical/hospital history will be necessary to determine this criteria.


· Must be a gastroschisis survivor.
· Must be between the ages of 12 and 17.
· Must be willing to fulfill the requirements of the program for a minimum of 2 years (unless otherwise medically necessary).
· Must be willing to provide no less than 6 (six) videos per year documenting their activities and accomplishments and/or positive messages relating to their lives.
· Must maintain an A-B average in school (unless otherwise noted due to comorbid diagnosis).
· Must be active in an elective (sports/athletics, arts, academic community engagement/clubs, etc.) in a school or competitive placement.
· Must maintain regular, consistent and reliable communication with Avery’s Angels leadership.
· Be involved/plan/part of at least one Awareness event (2-3 year ambassadors) or 2 (4-5 year ambassadors).
· Plan at least 2 (2-3 year ambassadors) or 3 (4-5 year ambassadors) gastroschisis awareness activities in their local community.
· Must not have/post questionable, offensive, abusive content to their social media accounts.
· Maintain an excellent public image.

Avery’s Angels will consider 1 Ambassador per rolling year per category to be our Avery’s Angels Ambassador of Hope.

Ambassadors, once selected, can select from the following terms:

· 2-3 years for a $250 scholarship* and 1 long sleeve, one short sleeve AAGF shirt of their choice.
· 4-5 years for a $350 scholarship* and 1 long sleeve, one short sleeve AAGF shirt of their choice.

*Scholarships will be awarded pending: 1) receipt of a carefully reviewed and written 1000-1500 word essay on “What being an Ambassador Meant to me, past, present and future” 2) received copy of acceptance letter to the college of attendance 3) verification of decision to attend 4) copy of receipt of first payment to said institution.

Ambassadors will be required to return and be dropped from the program should they be convicted of a felony or questionable charge during their tenure as an ambassador. Should there be questionable character indications during and after their tenure, Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation reserves the right to withdraw their Ambassador status, remove their name and reference from our public and social media outlets, and request return of scholarship and ambassador items.

Ambassadors are expected to be positive role models that inspire hope and achievement in fellow survivors as well as expecting parents. Ambassadors should be actively involved in ways that show others and the global community that their diagnosis has not defined their life. They should be active in taking advantage of raising awareness for gastroschisis in their communities and taking opportunities to lift up others affected by the defect. Ambassadors as public leaders for AAGF should maintain positive and professional self-images, promote kindness and compassion and giving back to others.

Application includes:

Chronic applicants must provide medical verification of chronic condition via a letter from their attending physician.

Applicants must provide verification of current grade and cumulative (year) standing and activities.

Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from current teacher or coach.

Applicant must write an essay 500-1000 words on “I spread hope and perseverance every day by____ and ______ is why I want to be an ambassador of hope.”

Applicants that are selected for second round will be notified by Meghan Hall Rauen and required to complete two (2) phone or in person interviews with 1) Board member of AAGF 2) District manager/hub leader/local volunteer for AAGF to determine selection.

Applicants may submit their applications HERE